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Our Lenses 

If you thought the trickiest part of choosing a new pair of glasses was the frame, think again. You should be putting just as much thought, if not more,  into the lenses that you choose for your new glasses. 

At our office we partner with several lens manufacturers to provide the both the latest in technology and highest quality materials to our patients. By using several lens suppliers, it also allows us to better customize your eyewear to your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Learn more about our lens companies below. 

KW Essilor

Essilor began in 1849 as an artisanal spectacle-maker in Paris. The Essilor Group has put its expertise at the service of good vision ever since in designing, manufacturing, and distribution of quality products and services through innovation.


KW Optical, a member of the Essilor Group and located in Esquimalt, has been serving the Canadian optical community since 1934.


The Zeiss Group emerged from a workshop for precision mechanics which was established by their company founder Carl Zeiss in the east German city of Jena in 1846. In 1935, Carl Zeiss invented the anti-reflective lenses and the company manufactured the first polarized lens for eyeglasses in 1959. In 1983, Carl Zeiss introduced the world's first progressive lens for binocular vision and thus made it possible for users to enjoy infinite vision in both close-up and distance applications through a single pair of line free glasses. 


Hoya Corporation was founded in the city of Hoya, Tokyo 1941. For more than 75 yrs, Hoya's revolutionary optical and healthcare solutions have been pushing technological boundaries for customers around the world. Hoya started manufacturing eyeglass lenses in 1962 and contact lenses in 1972. From the latest lens designs and thinnest, most durable materials to award-winning anti-reflective coatings and advanced vision examination technologies, Hoya Vision invests heavily in research and development. The result is a world-renowned range of products providing total eyecare. 

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From photography to optical lenses, Nikon has developed a long and proud expertise in high-precision optics. 1946 is the year that marks Nikon's very first entry on the ophthalmic lens market with their Pointal eyeglass lens. Nikon has since then been a leading innovator in the field of opthalmic optics with breakthrough innovations in material, design, and coatings. Their cutting-edge expertise combined with your personal fitting parameters enable them custom make optical lenses that are aesthetically pleasing. Nikon protects your vision in the harshest of environments and conditions with up to 15 layers of coatings on each side of the lens and advanced light control.

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