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Optical Illusions

What are optical illusions? Pictures or objects that, through the use of colour, light, images and patterns, manipulate what our brains are perceiving.

How do they work?
Our visual system has limits in tackling all the information our eyes take in. So our minds take shortcuts and our brain constantly chooses the most likely interpretation of what we see.


Moving Squares

Scroll up and down while you look at the picture to the left. Are the squares actually moving?  Believe it or not, no they aren't!

When you move your head back and forth, the alternating dark and light patterns can seem to cause the perception of movement.

Light Bulb Illusion

Stare closely at this light bulb for 25 seconds. Then immediately stare at a white wall or sheet of paper. What do you see?


You should see a glowing light bulb!



Elephant Legs

How many legs does the elephant have?


Although it's hard to count, the answer is four!

Horizontal Lines

Are the horizontal lines sloping or straight?


Answer: All of the lines are straight! The black and white blocks are not aligned and thus fool your brain into thinking that the lines are sloping.


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